An API first service for searching anime across multiple sites such as Anilist and MyAnimeList. Completely written in Typescript. Provides a backend server in driven by anime-offline-database and NestJS. A proof-of-concept web application is powered by Vite + React and Chakra UI.

A node wrapper for the Netcup CCP API.

Visualization of Argon2 hashing algorithm

The loved arrow in the reddit comment section to skip to the next top level comment
Brings the skip-to-next-top-level-comment-button from the mobile apps to the desktop version of reddit.

OpenAPI snippets and external file validation extension for VSCode

App for maintaining personal balances of wallets. Runs with MySQL, NextJS and TypeORM

Feature-rich Discord bot written in Java using JDA. Supports music playback with spotify integration, imageboards, weather data, simple command APIs and much more.

Dashboard for DirisSlave showing logs, connected servers and currently playing songs

An application to vectorize pixel images

Curated list of awesome argon2 related things